Tabi Graph


Tabi Graph is built using Graph Node, an open-source Rust implementation whose event sources come from the Ethereum blockchain to deterministically update data stores that can be queried through GraphQL endpoints.


  1. Installing the Graph CLI

On your local computer, run one of the following commands:Use npm:

npm install -g @graphprotocol/graph-cli

Use yarn:

yarn global add @graphprotocol/graph-cli
  1. Initialization

graph init --studio <SUBGRAPH_SLUG>
  1. Subgraph preparation

When making changes to Subgraph, three main files will be used:

  • List (subgraph.yaml) - The list defines which data sources will be indexed by the subgraph.

  • Schema (schema.graphql) - GraphQL schema defines the data retrieved from the subgraph.

  • AssemblyScript mapping (mapping.ts) - code that converts data in a data source into entities defined in a schema.

Refer to The Graph

  1. Deployment

Once your Subgraph is written, run the following command:

graph codegen
graph build
graph deploy <SUBGRAPH_SLUG> --ipfs --node
  1. Query

Query address: < NAME >

See GraphQL API for details



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